The money you pay at each visit usually covers only a portion of your current balance. We expect the balance to be paid by your insurance carrier. However, you will ultimately be responsible for your balance if your insurance doesn’t cover it. If your insurance ended up covering more than expected and you overpaid us, we will issue you a reimbursement.

A co-payment is a set dollar amount determined by your insurance plan that is due at each visit. For example, if your insurance plan requires you to pay a $15.00 co-pay, this will be due each time you come for therapy.

Estimated co-pay refers to a percentage determined by your insurance plan that you will be responsible for once the insurance company has processed your claim. For example, if your coverage is 80/20, that means you are responsible for 20% of the allowed charges. These percentages are set by your insurance company, and they are considered an estimate because we will not know the final amount until after billing is complete. This final amount is based on your particular insurance plan. Therefore, if we ask you to pay $30.00 at each visit, the $30.00 will be applied to your ending balance. The final amount you will be required to pay is undetermined until your insurance processes your claims.