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Physical Therapy (Orthopedic and General)

As our name implies, our approach to physical therapy incorporates active exercise as early as possible in the treatment process. In addition to treating the injured area, our progressive approach to recovery promotes overall health and fitness and helps to prevent re-injury. We strive to provide the highest quality patient care that places the patient and family at the heart of our programs. Because we are sensitive to health care costs and to the changing health care environment, we focus on programs that enhance the independence, self- sufficiency, and productivity of those we serve.

Each session is 1 hour and consists of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and modalities if needed. Every session is tailored to your specific injury and stage of rehabilitation. 

Physical Therapy is often covered by your Health insurance however you may have a copay depending on your specific health plan coverage. A referral from a Medical Doctor is most often required in order for us to bill your insurance for physical therapy services

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